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Bill Delaney, PLA

Senior Landscape Architect

Bill didn’t always know he wanted to be a landscape architect. He knew he enjoyed design and building things, and after taking an interest inventory and ruling out photography during college, landscape architecture was the logical choice. He set his sights on this career path and never looked back.

Fast forward 24 years and Bill has enjoyed being part of a creative design process, for several local architectural and engineering firms. The majority of Bill’s work has been in site development of multi-family housing and retail/mixed-use site planning. He loves to incorporate unique landscape elements that are welcoming and relaxing.

Bill spends his time outside. Outside would be the key word there. In addition to landscaping, he loves biking, kayaking, and hiking. Woodworking and home improvement projects also keep him busy.

Professional Qualifications:

•  Bachelors of Environmental Design, University of                 Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1992
•  Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of                 Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1994
•  Professional Landscape Architect: MN, ND, WI, TX 

Bill Delaney photo

I really enjoy the variety and creative problem solving in various forms and scales. Finding the right balance of program needs or elements and balancing that against space and/or code requirements is challenging and always has an interesting mix of changing variables depending on site and client. When you get to know a client and what they are looking for it is a rewarding process to provide their vision."

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Bill Delaney
Direct Phone: pref 763.746.1611