Watford Plaza Site Planning

Sambatek completed the site planning for the new Watford Plaza in Watford City, North Dakota. Situated on 12.6 acres, the project consists of a 10,600 square-foot retail building with a fast-food tenant, and an 87,400 square-foot building that includes a grocery tenant, discount retailer tenant, and restaurant tenant. A 1.7-acre outlot is located in the northwest corner of the site for future development.

Several concept plans were developed to address various design challenges with road access, wetlands, and the uncertainty of which retailers could sustain the oil boom of North Dakota. To address poor soil and wetland conditions not suitable for development, Sambatek teamed with the client, seller, and soils consultant to develop a design approach that utilized Geopiers for building support and a combination of geotextile fabric and a thicker pavement section to support the parking lot.