Shops at Southwest Station

This unique site redevelopment involved close collaboration with all team members to provide a successful project, converting the site from a restaurant into the current retail center.

Sambatek provided site design and civil engineering for this project located at 13,000 Technology Drive in Eden Prairie, adjacent to the SouthWest Transit Station. The most significant challenge to the site was identifying a way to re-use as much of the existing structural foundation system as possible.  In addition to these technical challenges, the project needed to comply with the requirements of SouthWest Station (access, circulation, staging, etc.) the proximity of the development to the SouthWest Station parking structure, and the standards imposed upon the project from the City of Eden Prairie and Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District (RPBCWD).

A highly-collaborative approach was established early on among the design team of Owner, Architect, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, and General Contractor.  Throughout the design and construction process the team coordinated efforts to meet City and Southwest Station standards along with tenant requirements. With this strategic approach, the project team was able to salvage and re-use approximately one-half of the existing deep driven pile and grade beam foundation system, along with corresponding sections of the existing precast structural floor system.

The design of the multi-tenant retail and service building balanced the efficiencies of foundation reuse, storm water management, and accessibility while providing high visibility and visual fenestration interest from all sides.