Sambatek Published in American Water Works Association’s Opflow


Minnetonka, MN / Dallas, TX / Raleigh, NC – April 16, 2024 – Sambatek, a leading professional services firm specializing in civil engineering, surveying, planning, and environmental services, is proud to announce the publication of the article titled “Catalytically Oxidizing Manganese Improves Results” in the March 2024 issue of Opflow, an American Water Works Association Publication. This article sheds light on research conducted at a recently constructed water treatment plant in Cloquet, Minnesota, showcasing the efficiency of catalytic oxidation of manganese by chlorine compared to traditional methods.

Located approximately 150 miles north of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, the City of Cloquet began constructing a state-of-the-art water treatment plant in 2018 to remove iron and manganese from the Well 8 water. Operational since 2019, the plant underwent a review in 2022 to enhance its treatment processes. As a result, a strategic decision was made to oxidize manganese instead of sodium permanganate catalytically.

“We are thrilled to have contributed to this research, which underscores the importance of innovation in water treatment,” remarked Naeem Qureshi, Client Service Manager at Sambatek. “This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that benefit communities.” Mr. Qureshi has published 12 papers in Opflow, five in the Journal AWWA, seven in Minnesota Rural Water Association Today Magazine, and one in the American Public Works Association Reporter.

The collaborative efforts of industry experts Naeem Qureshi, Client Service Manager at Sambatek, and Emily Strand, Project Engineer at Sambatek, alongside Mike Shelton, Utility Supervisor at the City of Cloquet, and Caleb Peterson, Public Works Director at the City of Cloquet, have yielded improved plant efficiency and water quality. The research highlighted in the article revealed chlorine as the superior method for oxidizing manganese, providing tangible improvements in water treatment outcomes.

Emily Strand, Project Engineer at Sambatek, added, “By leveraging catalytic oxidation techniques, we can optimize water treatment processes, ensuring safe and reliable water for residents.”

The published article demonstrates Sambatek’s dedication to advancing environmental engineering practices and underscores the firm’s commitment to driving positive change. The full article, “Catalytically Oxidizing Manganese Improves Results,” can be accessed here.

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