Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA), enacted on November 15, 2021, brings new opportunities for local government units to invest in water infrastructure. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has $55 billion to appropriate for water projects that will ultimately improve water quality for all our citizens. The new funding will advance many water projects across the country and represents the most significant infrastructure investment in drinking water, wastewater, water reuse, conveyance, and water storage in our nation’s history.

Click here for full PDF: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Water is life. It keeps us healthy, sustains vibrant communities and dynamic ecosystems, and it supports the economy. Water infrastructure is essential to delivering reliable, affordable, and safe water. When water infrastructure fails, it threatens people’s health, peace of mind, and the environment. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides a historic investment to replace pipes, upgrade water treatment facilities, and ensure that America’s water systems are resilient for the future.