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Our wind energy development clients demand high competence and complete accuracy from their survey and staking partner. The Sambatek difference is that we deliver without fail.

The Sambatek field service team utilizes the latest equipment in Global Positioning Systems (GPS), CAD software, and mapping tools to ensure the job is done right every time.

Surveying Equipment:

  • Data Collectors: Trimble TSC7
  • Drones: High-Resolution Aerial Photos and Videos
  • GPS: Trimble R10-2 (VRS and RTK capabilities)
  • Robotics: Trimble S6

You will find that our team has the know-how to understand the environmental nuances and constructability side of the business to ensure that you sleep well at night.

Capabilities Include:

  • Construction Surveying and Staking (laydown yard, roads, turbines, electrical, etc.)
  • Environmental Permitting and Support
  • Hydrology Design
  • Land Surveying – ALTA, Boundary, Topographical 
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Post-Construction Surveys & Environmental Site Restoration
  • Rare Threatened Endangered (RTE) Species
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Utility Crossings and Site Constraints Mapping – Coordination

Wetland Delineations

In support of your wind energy project, we also have industry-leading structural engineering partners aligned with our field services team to provide you the ease of a one-stop shop if that is what you desire. The bottom line is that we can help you with your projects from start to finish.

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Markets We Serve

Sambatek’s civil engineering, planning, and surveying services support projects in a variety of market sectors. Our expertise extends far and wide. With a deep understanding of both public and private sector needs, we bring valuable perspectives to any project.

Wind Energy Services


Agency Permitting Identifying and obtaining key approvals to keep your project on schedule.

Construction Management

Construction Management Overseeing all facets of construction activity from start to finish.

Construction Layout and Staking

Construction Staking and Layout Excellence in the field begins with an in-depth review of project plans.

Environmental Review

Environmental Review Permitting services that help you satisfy regulatory requirements and avoid costly delays.

US 53 Study Minnesota

Feasibility Studies Preliminary investigations provide valuable information, allowing projects to move forward with confidence.

Engineer Survey

Professional Surveying Services Due diligence lays the groundwork for success.

Site Design Aerial Shot

Site Design, Selection, and Planning Initial designs and plans to help assist in determining how your project will evolve.

Survey Equipment

Surveying With a full range of surveying services, we can help your project take shape.

All Services

All Services

Sambatek Services

Sambatek’s body of services includes civil engineering, land surveying, environmental services, and site planning. Let our expertise help your next project be successful.

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