Willacy County, Texas

Year Completed:



125 Vestas turbines

272.60 Megawatts



EDF Renewables



Other Partners:

Barr Engineering, IEA

The Las Majadas Wind Project, boasting an impressive capacity of 272.60 MW, officially commenced operations in the vibrant energy landscape of Texas in the year 2021 under the adept management of EDF Renewables. Nestled within the picturesque expanse of Willacy County, in the heart of southern Texas, Las Majadas stands tall with the utilization of 125 cutting-edge Vestas turbines, symbolizing a harmonious blend of innovation and sustainability. Recognizing the intricate requirements of such an endeavor, Sambatek offers its expertise in construction staking services. Our meticulous approach encompasses the precise placement of stakes for project control surveys, ensuring the accurate delineation of boundaries and crucial reference points. Additionally, our scope extends to the strategic positioning of stakes for turbine foundation locations, facilitating the seamless integration of these towering structures into the sprawling landscape of the Las Majadas Wind Project.

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