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Sambatek is ready to assist your housing team with residential development, redesign, or upgrade of your multifamily project.

We aim to immediately define your project goals, potential barriers, and opportunities to align the parameters of your project scope and overall needs with design solutions you will be proud of. As your trusted advisor and partner, we’ll collaborate with all entities on the project team to achieve successful outcomes for every residential development project.

Our multidisciplinary approach means we can support projects of any scale or size, from conceptual development through construction. We’re always conscious of the bottom line, and we’ll provide you with service that exceeds your expectations by finding ways to Value Engineer (VE) your project and solve potential issues proactively.

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Markets We Serve

Sambatek’s civil engineering, planning, and surveying services support projects in a variety of market sectors. Our expertise extends far and wide. With a deep understanding of both public and private sector needs, we bring valuable perspectives to any project.

Multifamily and Residential Development Services

Civil Engineering People on Roof Construction Workers

Civil Engineering Our engineers have delivered unconventional solutions since 1966.

Construction Management

Construction Management Overseeing all facets of construction activity from start to finish.

Construction Layout and Staking

Construction Staking and Layout Excellence in the field begins with an in-depth review of project plans.


Environmental With decades of regulatory experience, Sambatek’s environmental team is prepared to help you succeed.

US 53 Study Minnesota

Feasibility Studies Preliminary investigations provide valuable information, allowing projects to move forward with confidence.

Grading and Drainage

Grading and Drainage Establishing a solid foundation with smart solutions to grading and stormwater challenges.

LifeSource Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture and Design Designing developments and places for people.

Survey Equipment

Surveying With a full range of surveying services, we can help your project take shape.

US 53 Study

Topographical Survey and Mapping ​Trust Sambatek’s land surveyors to provide a wide range of survey and mapping services.

TH 4 Meire Grove - MN Transportation Road

Utilities and Streets Providing efficient utility and street designs for all types of development.


Wetlands Bringing your vision to life while considering fragile wetland resources.

All Services

All Services

Sambatek Services

Sambatek’s body of services includes civil engineering, land surveying, environmental services, and site planning. Let our expertise help your next project be successful.

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