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Sambatek is experienced in leading the application process for competitive federal grant funding on behalf of city, county, and state government agencies. Recently, Sambatek prepared grant applications for federal Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) and Nationally Significant Multimodal Freight & Highway Projects (INFRA) program funding. These applications requested up to $25 million for large-scale transportation projects in Minnesota.

In addition to transportation funding, the Sambatek planning is experienced in writing grant applications for parks and recreation improvement projects through the Land and Water Conservation (LAWCON) program, the Federal Recreational Trails program, and other parks and conservation funding programs. 

Sambatek’s clients have recognized the value of the knowledge we bring to transportation plans and traffic studies and have asked us to continue working with them to help secure grant funding through the final design phase. We would be pleased to discuss how we can support you through the entire development process for your project.

Markets We Serve

Grant Writing and Application Process Services

Wetlands Wet Marsh

Environmental Planning Our environmental planning experts have extensive experience preparing and leading environmental review efforts. We specialize in AUARs, EAWs, Phase I ESAs, and EIS reports for private land development and public transportation projects.

Digital elevation model. GIS product made after proccesing aerial pictures taken from a drone. It shows city urban area with roads and suburbs

GIS Trust Sambatek to provide comprehensive, professional Geographic data analysis and mapping services.

Grant Writing

Grant Writing and Application Process With expertise in transportation and recreation, we can help you secure federal grants for your project.

Knowledge of Funding Sources Secure federal grants for transportation and recreation and navigate complex funding programs.

Landuse Planning

Land Use Planning We’re well-versed in interpreting city codes, land use and zoning regulations, and comprehensive plan guidance. We can help you research developable land opportunities, identify TOD sites, prepare site investigation reports, conduct reports, develop GIS maps and graphics, and more.

Public Engagement We have guided our clients through controversial issues on projects ranging from light rail transit to private developments. Let us take the lead—whether it’s obtaining feedback from an entire community or reaching out to potentially impacted stakeholders, our efforts ensure your projects reflect the community’s goals.

Blue Line Light Rail

Transportation Planning Our planners understand the connection between the community, land use, and transportation, as a mode and an infrastructure. We have experience leading and assisting in developing regional transportation systems, visioning, and corridor studies.

All Services

All Services

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Sambatek’s body of services includes civil engineering, land surveying, environmental services, and site planning. Let our expertise help your next project be successful.

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