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Did you know that a real estate transaction, property development, bank financing and re-financing, foreclosure—and even an in-house proactive audit program—are all activities that may require a Phase I ESA?

Phase I ESAs aim to eliminate liability associated with a property’s chemical contamination. Without one, you could be held responsible for your property’s cleanup costs, which could add up to millions. 

Sambatek is experienced in Phase I ESAs for land uses ranging from industrial sites to agricultural land. Let us know how we can help.

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Phase I ESA Services


Agency Permitting Identifying and obtaining key approvals to keep your project on schedule.


Environmental With decades of regulatory experience, Sambatek’s environmental team is prepared to help you succeed.

Environmental Review

Environmental Review Permitting services that help you satisfy regulatory requirements and avoid costly delays.

Environmental Phase I ESA

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments ESAs protect from property liabilities; we can offer crucial guidance.


Wetlands Bringing your vision to life while considering fragile wetland resources.

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All Services

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Sambatek’s body of services includes civil engineering, land surveying, environmental services, and site planning. Let our expertise help your next project be successful.

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