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Whether led by state, county, or city clients, the Sambatek transportation team have delivered preliminary and final design for roundabouts across the region. Each roundabout design needs to be developed by closely analyzing the local context and expected users of the intersection. Unique vehicle types, such as large mining vehicles, mobile homes, or trucks transporting wind turbines, may need to be accommodated so roundabouts do not become barriers on the highway. The Sambatek team considers these factors—and more—as roundabout geometrics are developed.

Sambatek’s transportation and planning teams will work with area partners to fully understand the needs of these facilities before design can begin. Once the design can proceed, our teams will provide expert, efficient designs that balance the needs of roadway alignment, hydraulics, constructability, and more. As roundabouts have become ubiquitous as effective and efficient intersection controls, our team can also help work with the public to understand the benefits that roundabouts can bring to the community.

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