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The Sambatek team has been driving excellence in healthcare building construction for decades. Our vast knowledge of site design and expertise in healthcare and commercial facilities is complemented by our flexibility to work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders involved in healthcare developments. We partner with healthcare developers who expect the best partner capable of delivering quality civil design and support services.

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Sambatek’s civil engineering, planning, and surveying services support projects in a variety of market sectors. Our expertise extends far and wide. With a deep understanding of both public and private sector needs, we bring valuable perspectives to any project.

Healthcare Building Construction Services

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Civil Engineering

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Construction Staking and Layout



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Grading and Drainage

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Landscape Architecture and Design

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Regulatory Approvals

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All Services

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Sambatek’s body of services includes civil engineering, land surveying, environmental services, and site planning. Let our expertise help your next project be successful.

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