Concord, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Charlotte, NC

Year Completed:



3-5 acres


Concord Hospitality



Other Partners:


Embarking on a strategic partnership with Concord Hospitality, Sambatek has been engaged in an ongoing collaboration since 2019, contributing our expertise to the Woodspring Suites development. Spanning multiple locations, including Concord, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, and Charlotte in North Carolina, our team provides crucial Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Planning services tailored for each unique site. Operating within a 3-5-acre scope, our services encompass Due Diligence Reports, Preliminary Site Planning, ALTA Surveys, Civil Plans, Permit Expediting, As-Builts, Water/Sewer Main Extensions, and Roadway Improvements such as turn lanes. The ongoing nature of this project underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of Concord Hospitality.

In our ongoing collaboration with Concord Hospitality for the Woodspring Suites development, Sambatek brings a wealth of expertise in Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Planning. Operating across key locations in North Carolina, our team navigates the intricacies of each 3-5-acre site, providing essential services such as Due Diligence Reports, Preliminary Site Planning, ALTA Surveys, and more. Our commitment to precision is evident in every aspect of the project, from facilitating permit expediting to executing Water/Sewer Main Extensions and Roadway Improvements, including turn lanes. As we continue contributing our services to this ongoing initiative, our strategic partnership exemplifies the seamless integration of expertise and innovation, setting the stage for successful developments under the Woodspring Suites brand.