Bloomington, MN

Year Completed:



375,979  Square Feet

404 Rooms


Great Wolf Resorts



Other Partners:

Contractor: Adolfson Peterson

Sambatek prepared the design and construction plans for renovating the Waterpark of America facility after Great Wolf Resorts purchased it. External improvements included upgrading the landscaping, adding two grease interceptors with associated sanitary piping connections to the public sewer system, and designing the civil site improvements for the new, larger hotel drop-off area and decorative treatments.

Challenges included finding corridors for the sanitary sewer piping that met separation requirements to existing water piping on a site with water mains and stormwater systems covering most of the front and west parking areas where the interceptors needed to be installed. Sambatek worked with the contractor and city building officials throughout the construction period to locate existing underground facilities and develop a design that met city requirements while utilizing existing onsite sewers as much as possible to reduce construction costs.

Great Wolf Resort is the former Waterpark of America hotel and entertainment facility).