Eau Claire, WI

Year Completed:



350 ACRES- 50 parcels
Primary runway 4/22 is 8,101 by 150 feet
Crosswind runway 14/32 is 5,000 by 100 feet


Chippewa Valley Regional Airport



Other Partners:


Sambatek played a pivotal role in enhancing and maintaining Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, undertaking a multifaceted scope of work that ensured the airport's operational efficiency and safety. Their involvement encompassed a comprehensive Control Survey and Monumentation initiative, establishing precise control points crucial for accurate mapping and development projects. This foundational work facilitated current operations and laid the groundwork for future expansions and upgrades.

Moreover, Sambatek spearheaded the airport boundary and plating endeavor, delineating the airport's boundaries precisely and clearly. This meticulous process is essential for regulatory compliance, land use planning, and mitigating encroachment risks, safeguarding the airport's long-term viability and functionality. Additionally, their expertise extended to Hangar Construction Survey, providing essential support for the construction of hangars and vital infrastructure for accommodating the diverse fleet of aircraft that utilize the airport, including general aviation, business, and medical air ambulance services. Sambatek's contributions align seamlessly with Chippewa Valley Regional Airport's mission to serve as a vital aviation hub for western Wisconsin, ensuring its continued growth and relevance in the region's transportation landscape.