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Trigg Lake is the primary reservoir that receives stormwater from the Southeast Holding Pad (SEHP) and the Central Terminal Area (CTA) for DFW Airport.  In the past, the discharge of spent glycol from de-icing procedures and the release of chilled water with elevated nitrite and nitrate levels have contributed to the depletion of oxygen in the lake and negatively affected marine life.  The existing aerator system, consisting of ten (10) 25-horsepower aerators, currently replenishes oxygen in the lake to acceptable levels.  However, the airport expects to increase aircraft operations and deicing activities.

Sambatek was engaged to study the existing aerator system, determine its current condition, and provide a recommendation for repairing and/or upgrading the existing system.  Sambatek provided multiple options for upgrading the system and compared the upfront and long-term costs for each alternative.

It was determined that three of the existing aerators were not functional and would need to be replaced.  Aerators from three different manufacturers were considered.  The primary factors that determined Sambatek’s final recommendation included the initial equipment and installation costs, electrical usage costs over time, above-water vs. below-water aeration methods, and maintenance costs.

Sambatek coordinated closely with manufacturers and electrical engineers whose input and expertise assisted in the electrical aspects of this analysis.  More importantly, Sambatek addressed the concerns and questions posed to the consultant team by the airport’s Energy, Transportation and Asset Management (ETAM) group, who are the end users of the report.

The ETAM group will use Sambatek’s effort to make the final decision on implementing the project and upgrades in the future.  The DFW staff received their completed and thorough report and were pleased with the quality of work provided.