Brooklyn Park, MN

Year Completed:



94,300 Square Feet


Capstone Quadrangle, McShane Construction Co.



Other Partners:

Prairie Restorations Inc.

We partnered with Prairie Restorations, Inc., a leader in native landscapes, to develop an innovative site plan and landscape for the project. The plan incorporates several types of prairie ecosystems that will provide habitat for pollinators, birds, and animals and help filter water from the roof and parking lot. The plants are native to the area and will be less effort and cost to maintain once established.

The owner of DRC is a longtime proponent of the prairie aesthetic and was a big asset in moving this design to completion. The project pushes the boundaries of the typical suburban office park landscape, literally, as the owner is looking at planting on neighboring MnDOT property to add to the visual and buffering qualities that the tall grasses and prairie plantings will provide.

The civil engineering group added to the effort by implementing bioswales in parking islands wherever possible and configuring a front infiltration basin that naturally wraps around an architectural entry feature. The owner hopes the building and grounds will be a draw to both the customer and future tech-savvy staff interested in the eco-friendly design approach that is facilitated in every aspect of the building design.

The project received the NAIOP Award of Excellence award.