Iron Junction, MN

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Four-legged intersection


MnDOT District 1



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Preliminary Design and Environmental Documentation | Stantec

The intersection of TH 37 and CSAH 7 was a four-legged, unsignalized, side-stop controlled intersection and was a high-risk and a high crash location. Sambatek was the lead engineering consultant firm designing a roundabout and a new rural drainage system to help mitigate the documented safety issues at the intersection. The transportation team led the development of a Level 1 layout and worked with local partners to determine the needs of a local equipment hauler. These discussions led to a unique central island shape that would accommodate a double-wide semi-truck to traverse the roundabout in all directions while hauling mining equipment to and from the area’s mines. Sambatek worked closely with St. Louis County on cost-sharing obligations and negotiations for the project detour. In addition to leading design, Sambatek led pedestrian and bike path design, utility relocations, and hydraulic design, assisted with public engagement, and designed a comprehensive staging and bypass plan to allow TH 37 to traverse the site smoothly through all construction phases. This staging plan resulted in quicker and higher quality construction with less impact on the traveling public during construction.