Spring, TX

Year Completed:



103 units

9 acres


Clay Development Partners


BSB Design

Other Partners:

LA | BSB Design; MEP | Jordan & Skala

In collaboration with Clay Development Partners, Sambatek provided comprehensive professional services for single family rental development in Spring, TX. Spanning a 9-acre tract and comprising 103 units, our services encompassed Civil Engineering, Grading & Drainage, Regulatory Approvals, Site Design, Selection, and Planning, Stormwater Management, Sanitary Sewer design, Topographical Survey and Mapping, Land Use Planning, Lift Station design, and Storm Water Quality Management Plan. Situated inside Houston's ETJ, the development features an innovative layout with units surrounding a looping fire lane, complemented by an amenity center and a pool area. Each unit not bordering the fire lane is a single-story product with distinctive garages along the fire lane, each equipped with a second-story garage.

Sambatek designed a sanitary sewer lift station to address wastewater conveyance throughout the site, showcasing our commitment to efficient infrastructure solutions. Additionally, we crafted a detention pond in compliance with Harris County Regulations, demonstrating our adept navigation of regulatory requirements. Our focus on engineering excellence ensures the seamless integration of essential elements, contributing to the overall success and sustainability of the development.

At Sambatek, we thrive on navigating intricate regulatory landscapes, ensuring that every project meets and surpasses compliance standards. Our expertise in Civil Engineering and project management is evident in the meticulous planning and execution of the Spring, TX development. Through innovative design solutions, adherence to regulations, and a dedication to excellence, Sambatek creates properties that stand out in a competitive market. We specialize in seamlessly integrating engineering and construction methods, delivering projects that meet the highest quality and functionality standards.