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Shakopee Public Utilities



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Sambatek has provided professional services to Shakopee Public Utilities (SPU) for over 35 years. The municipal team offers the technical expertise and project experience that SPU has relied on in the past and future. Sambatek has worked with SPU staff on key infrastructure, including numerous wells, pump houses, trunk water main, and storage tank projects. We have worked together to prepare all aspects of infrastructure, from feasibility studies through design and construction.


  • 2023
  • 2020: Tank 8
  • 2019: Windermere Booster Station
  • 2014: 2.0 million gallons Prestressed Concrete Water Tank
  • 2014: Water Tank 7
  • 2008: Facility planning for the Marystown Bluffs school and future development facilities
  • 2007: Global Position System was used to provide survey control for Pumphouse No.16 and Pumphouse No. 20
  • 2005: Two 2.5 MG Precast Concrete Water Storage Tanks
  • 2002: Pump Houses 12, 13, and 14
  • 1995: Plan Review, modeling, and construction services

In 2021, Water Tank No. 8 was needed to serve the rapidly growing industrial, commercial, and residential demands in the higher-pressure zone in Western Shakopee. Water Tank No. 8 is a 750,000-gallon spheroid elevated water storage tank that was constructed in advance of additional nearby water supply wells. The project includ­ed an elevated storage tank, site grad­ing, electrical power, and controls. Water Tank No. 8 will be fed from the nearby Windermere Booster Station until future booster facilities are constructed in this vicinity. Sambatek performed feasibility study, design, and construction services for this elevated storage tank. Our team was also responsible for conflict resolution between the owner and con­tractor, change order negotiation, and water tank commissioning. Water Tank No. 8 cost $3.8 million to construct and was completed in 2022.

Water Utility and Service Center
SPU hired Sambatek for the planning, design, plans, and construction management of two 2.5-million-gallon water tanks and the site engineering of its Public Utility Service Center. The 56,000-square-foot service center consisted of offices, maintenance, and storage areas. The 19.3-acre tank site had a large amount of excess fill material. By coordinating the design of these utilities, we were able to repurpose the excess material as fill for the service center resulting in a reduction of earthwork-related hauling and disposing of costs.

Well No. 23
Sambatek managed the new water supply well to serve a high-pressure zone in the City of Shakopee. The project included a 24” x 18” steel casing well extending approximately 410 feet into the Jordan Aquifer. Our team was responsible for the design report preparation, MDH permit procurement, and bid­ding document preparation.

Windermere Booster Station
Sambatek managed the potable water booster station in western Shakopee. The project included water booster sta­tion, hydropneumatic pressurization tanks, electrical power, controls, and site grading. Our team was responsible for resolution between owner and contractor, change order negoti­ation, and project closeout.

Sambatek’s history with the SPU dates to the 1970s. Today, Sambatek files contain the plans, reports, studies, and correspondence from all those years of providing service to SPU.