Fillmore County, MN (Rushford to Mabel)

Year Completed:



22 Miles


MnDOT District 6



Other Partners:

Quality Management, Independent Technical Reviews, Traffic Control Design, and Development of Detours | Isthmus

Sambatek provided the preliminary and final design to resurface 22 miles of TH 43 from Mabel to Rushford, Minnesota. This project repaired or replaced 70 culverts, procured right-of-way from 28 parcels, repaired failing inslopes, replaced guardrails, provided updated surveying, delineated wetlands, and produced construction limits plans and provisions. The final deliverables comprised construction limits, construction plans, engineer's estimate, provisions, survey files, right-of-way parcel maps, authorization maps, work maps, wetland delineation and report, and utility verification. The accelerated project was advanced due to shifting funding, and construction limits were needed quickly to allow for the right-of-way process.

This project was unique because it is on a narrow corridor with significant prescriptive easement segments, with portions of the project with bluffs and ravines on either side of the roadway up to 100 feet tall. The transportation team determined that grading outside culvert work was not in the scope. However, this corridor had a history of slope failure and had emergency repairs back in 2008. Upon a preliminary design site visit, the team determined that inslope repair was needed for portions of the corridor. Sambatek successfully analyzed the inslopes, identified repair locations, and incorporated the repairs into the construction limits while keeping to the accelerated schedule.