• 2021 - West Arm Road reconstruction
  • 2021 - Shoreline Drive utilities repairs
  • 2014 - Water Treatment Plant upgrade to treat TCE's
  • 2005 -  250,000-gallon Elevated Water Tank
  • 2003 - Spring Park, 250,000-gallon elevated storage tank
  • 2001 Water -  Treatment Plant Rehab
  • 2001 - Water wells, pumps and motors, maintenance and repairs
  • 2001 - Water Treatment Plant Renovation
  • 1985-2008 - General Municipal Engineering and Inspection

Sambatek has worked with the City of Spring Park since 1985, currently serving in the City Engineer position and working on an electrical control upgrade project for Water Treatment Plant.

Most recently, Sambatek led the design and construction efforts for the City of Spring Park for two unique projects, including the West Arm Road West project along the shores of Lake Minnetonka and the Black Lake Road reconstruction project within a 20-foot right of way. Both projects included undergrounding the overhead utilities. The Sambatek team worked closely with the city staff to acquire the necessary easements for both projects.

West Arm (West) Road Improvements (Phase 1 and 2)

The project involved the complete reconstruction of West Arm (West) Road in the City of Spring Park. Working as the City Engineer, Sambatek designed, bid, and oversaw the construction of the improvements. The project's first phase occurred in 2020, which involved pipe bursting to replace the existing watermain and CIPP lining to improve the existing sanitary sewer. The second phase of work includes street and storm sewer improvements. Curb and gutter and storm sewer are proposed to improve drainage conditions. Coordination with Hennepin County Rail Authority (HCRA) was required for additional ROW. Street improvements included widening the roadway to meet current design standards, adding a turnaround, and bridge modifications to improve access for emergency vehicles.

Black Lake Road Reconstruction

This project included the replacement of sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, sewer, and roadway, all within a 20-foot right of way. Undergrounding the overhead utilities was included in the project, where the municipal team worked closely with the city staff to acquire the necessary easements.

MPCA, Spring Park TCE Water Treatment Expansion

We served as the resident engineer for the construction of a water treatment plant building expansion, including three new chemical rooms and a treatment area for air strippers. Responsibilities included: on-site inspection to ensure contract compliance; conflict resolution between contractor and client; change order negotiation and preparation; concrete and soil testing coordination with 3rd party testers and laboratory; design change and clarification coordination.

Water Treatment Feasibility Report

The municipal team served as the quality control reviewer for a water treatment feasibility report and construction documents to remove trichloroethane (TCE) concentrations at the City's existing iron and manganese removal WTP. The facility consisted of pre-filter chlorination, gravity filtration for iron, and manganese, radium removal, polyphosphate feed for calcium carbonate scale inhibition, and air stripping to remove TCE.