St. Michael Wastewater Treatment Facility


2019 WWTP Facilities Plan Update         Principal-in-Charge: Analysis of Plan performance wrt changing permit requirements
2013 WWTP Upgrade
Client Service Manager: Design and Construction of Aerobic Sludge Digestion
2013: WWTP Facilities Plan
Project Manager: Analysis of Plant performance to avoid surprises

1999 WWTP Facilities Plan                          Project Engineer: Capital improvements plan for SBRs
1997 Pond Abandonment Plan
Engineer-In-Training: Conversions of ponds to future recreational facilities 
1995 WWRP Upgrade:
Engineer-In-Training: Design of Biolac Process and Reed Beds

Sambatek has been the consultant of choice for the City of St. Michael since the design of a new mechanical wastewater treatment facility in 1994.


Sambatek introduced a unique design for biosolids handling which offered substantial life-cycle savings compared to the conventional designs of the time. The success and distinctiveness of the project earned it the Seven Wonders of Engineering award from the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers and a Grand Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC/MN).

In 1997, Sambatek helped the City transform their old wastewater lagoons to ball fields, regional BMX track, and other recreational facilities.

In 2000, Sambatek led the plant expansion to help foster growth. Instead of building a massive Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) based on highest volume of housing permits at a huge expense to St. Michael citizens, once again, Sambatek designed a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process, that is particularly geared to handle fluctuations in the flow due to uncertainties in population growth. During the great recession, Sambatek’s phased approach of the SBR system, allowed the City to take the economic hit of declining new house starts, much more gracefully compared to other municipalities.

In 2021, Sambatek was retained by the City of St Michael to develop a Facilities Plan to help prepare the WWTF for the next 20-year design life and to overcome challenging regulatory mandates. Currently, Sambatek is working on the WWTF improvement project that includes Headworks expansion, new Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) liquid train, and replacement of Reedbeds with new Biosolids handling facilities. The project is being designed to establish Regulatory Certainty to help the City proactively avoid NPDES permit cycle pitfalls for the next 20 years.


Over the last three decades, Sambatek collaborated with the City Council, and staff in envisioning the needs of the future, and positioning the City for greatest success.

Sambatek’s Common sense solutions and cost-conscious designs helped the City keep the costs down resulting in consistently low sewer rates.  This has allowed for construction of beautiful single-family and multi-family homes at reasonable prices which resulted in retail/commercial growth, additional schools, public parks and trails enhancing the standard of living for all.

Sambatek’s reputation is stellar with our undisputed commitment to serve the City’s best interests and in helping the City of St Michael truly live to its reputation as “A Great Place to Grow”.