St. Michael Wastewater Treatment Facility

Sambatek has been the consultant of choice for the City of St.Michael since designing a new wastewater treatment facility in 1994 in anticipation of developments in and around the area. Sambatek provided a unique design incorporating reed bed technology which offered substantial life-cycle savings compared to what was then considered more conventional technologies. Due to the success of our innovative design, the facility has since served as a model for sludge stabilization and storage for wastewater treatment facilities throughout cold-climate communities in the U.S. and Canada. The success and distinctiveness of the project earned it the Seven Wonders of Engineering award from the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers and a Grand Award from the Minnesota Consulting Engineers Council. Our expertise was later required for major facility upgrades following another population boom in 2001.

Currently Sambatek is working yet again with the City of St. Michael on additional upgrades to expand the facility's biosolids treatment capacity. Work is scheduled to be completed in the coming year.