Eveleth and Virginia, MN

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Three intersections (Progress Parkway, Hat Trick Avenue, and Bourgin Road)


MnDOT District 1



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Sambatek led this MnDOT District 1 GEC safety study to analyze the impacts two new schools would have on the three adjacent intersections along TH 53 – Hat Trick Avenue, Progress Parkway, and Bourgin Road, the first of which tops the list of the District’s Safety Plan. To move quickly to determine proposed solutions and seek funding, MnDOT accelerated the schedule to select preferred alternatives within 14 weeks of Notice To Proceed (NTP) (typically closer to 22 weeks), which included six public meetings to listen and then present alternatives, along with collecting traffic and crash data and analyzing via an evaluation matrix. Sambatek delivered on this schedule by concurrently performing traffic analysis and concept development, using an action item tracker spreadsheet with weekly meetings, and facilitating OTS meetings with the District, St. Louis County, and GDSU.

We included unique alternatives for consideration that are not commonly used in Minnesota since they fit the scenarios well, including the non-signalized Green-T Intersection at Bourgin Road and a modified RCI that functions more like an offset intersection at Hat Trick Avenue. These alternatives were eventually selected as the preferred concepts, and the MnDOT was pleased with the results from Sambatek looking beyond traditional solutions. Upon selection, Sambatek built consensus by creating and sharing a 3D visualization video to help stakeholders understand operations and dispel concerns about potential business impacts. Sambatek also quickly responded to MnDOT's decisions to submit both RAISE and INFRA grant applications for this project and led the development of these applications. This project is complete, and ICE reports and geometric layouts approved.

Services: Traffic Study, Alternatives Development, Cost Estimation, Public and Stakeholder Engagement, Level 1 Geometric Layout Development, Construction Limits, Preliminary Hydraulics and Hydrology, RAISE and MPDG Federal Grant Applications.