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Corey Bergman, PE, LEED AP

Director of Transportation and Environmental Services

Corey is always up for a challenge—which is a personality trait that comes in handy nearly every day in the engineering field.

As Director of Transportation and Environmental Services, Corey leads two growing markets and construction services. He loves the unique set of challenges each project brings and, most of all, the opportunity to solve them. “It makes my day to know I played a part in helping a client save money or avoid a huge delay.”

Corey joined Sambatek in 2004 and appreciates the freedom he has to grow. His project experience includes serving as project manager for the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit traffic control design, as well as overseeing numerous construction engineering projects with Minnesota DOT and North Dakota DOT.

Outside of work, Corey enjoys spending time with his family and doing his best to overcome the never-ending challenges of fishing.

Professional Qualifications:

•  BS, Civil Engineering, North Dakota State University,           2002
•  Licensed Professional Engineer (MN, ND, KS)

Corey Bergman

Our clients' success is about more than delivering our services. We are responsive when they call, we listen to their challenges and find solutions, we understand their business as well as they do. It is all of these things together that allow our clients to be successful!"

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Corey Bergman
Direct Phone: pref 763.259.6695
Cell Phone: cell 763.486.5074