Mark Anderson to lead Midwest Land Division as Client Services Manager

Sambatek is excited to announce a strategic transition that supports our mission to provide deep expertise and best-in-class customer service as we expand beyond the Midwest.

As our clients continue to grow and expand into multiple regions, Sambatek’s proven track record is opening new doors in states including Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, and others. To better serve our growing clients’ needs, Sambatek has embarked on a national growth strategy. As part of this strategy, we are excited to announce the new role of National Land Services Director. This role will focus on serving clients in multiple states. 

Mark Anderson, who currently leads the Land Services team as the Director of Commercial and Residential Land Service, will step into the role of Client Service Manager for the Land Division in the Midwest region. This position will allow Mark to dedicate his resources to providing the highest level of service to clients in the Midwest.

Under Mark’s leadership, the Land Services Division has expanded services for key clients in commercial, industrial, multifamily, single family, and institutional site design. Mark also led our 2018 expansion into our Dallas, Texas offices. Mark’s passion for providing quality service and exceeding customer expectations will be critical in Sambatek’s mission to continue to provide top-quality customer service as we expand our footprint nationally.

As we move forward identifying a new National Director, our Chief Growth Officer, Corey Bergman, will act as the Interim Director of Land Services. Corey brings proven leadership and a focus on growth and will ensure that we are serving our clients at the highest level and providing guidance to the land teams in Texas and Minnesota during the transition period.

Please join us in congratulating Mark Anderson on his new role.