75+ Projects: SC, NC, VA, MD, PN, MI, OH, CA, MS, KY, PA, AZ

Year Completed:



.5 to 1.5 acres.


Seattle Base Coffee Retailer


MJM Architecture

Other Partners:

Geotech/Environmental | ECS Limited

Sambatek has partnered with the Seattle Base Coffee Retailer, providing a comprehensive array of services for over 15 years across a diverse range of locations including South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, California, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arizona, and beyond. With a portfolio boasting 75+ projects, Sambatek has played a pivotal role in the expansion and remodeling initiatives, contributing to the iconic coffee brand's nationwide presence.

Our collaboration with extends beyond traditional engineering services, encompassing Due Diligence, Site Investigation Reports, Preliminary Site Planning, Zoning/Entitlements, ALTA Surveys, Construction and As-Built Surveying, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Project Management, Permitting, Construction Management, and Project Closeout. Sambatek's commitment to excellence is showcased in our meticulous front-end and back-end entitlement work, navigating through SUPs, Rezoning, Variances, and direct permitting in complex jurisdictions. In-depth due diligence, including Site Investigation Reports, Water Sampling/Testing, and coordination of environmental services, surveyors, and traffic engineering, ensures a seamless development process. Our construction management expertise adds another layer of value, from Pre-Con Meeting Facilitation to RFP Management and As-Built Project Close Out, solidifying Sambatek as a partner in this ongoing success story.